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Hello There! I am Yash Patil, a teenager who is interested in tech, programming, hacking and development. My interest in technology started when I was around 9 years old and got an Android phone, which later became my one of the favourite operating system out there. Debian based operating systems and Android ofcourse are some of my favourite operating systems. I started from scratch like everyone does and came far but still there is a long long way to go. I recently learnt C and Python and wrote some useless yet fun codes which are available on my github.
Following mentioned are some of my projects


Dragon Assistant

Dragon Assistant - CLI Assistant made with python

Typing Test

TypingTest- CLI Typing test app made with python

DerpFest Sakura

DerpFest OS For Redmi 6 Pro(Sakura)

Cosmic Userbot

Cosmic Userbot - Userbot for telegram

This website haha :p


New projects soon :) ...


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